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After a long hard night of drinking, Jill wakes up next to a man she doesn't know in her bed... who has been stabbed to death.

With the help of her friend Lia, she tries to figure out who the murderer is, all while trying to hide the issue from her roommate.

This feature length comedy is based on the hit short film made in 2015.

Shooting took place between February 10-28, 2017.

The World Premiere for Dead Giveaway was held at the Levitt Auditorium in Philadelphia on May 10, 2019. 

Click here to check out behind-the-scenes photos and videos from the set!


Tom, a guy in his early 30's, is confused to find out that his ex-girlfriend from college wrote a novel and chose to put his old jacket on the cover.


His search for answers leads him through forgotten friends, all while his current relationships are crumbling around him.

A feature length film from Shoestring Gold.

Coming soon.

Dead Giveaway - 2015
Vaccine - 2016
Story of an Hour - 2014
Again and Again - 2014
5th Date - 2014
Personal Day - 2014
Hybrid Moments - 2014
Shoestrings: Macbeth - 2014
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