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Ian Kimble

Ian studied film at the New York Film Academy and has since written, directed, and produced numerous short films and a feature length film.  A resident of Philadelphia, his concentration is not only on the creative end of Shoestring Gold, but also on the legal and financial aspects.  He enjoys celebrating with a Manhattan and a good cigar.


Chris Spence

Chris was a film major at The Philadelphia University of the Arts and interned for NFL Films in the camera department.  He's an avid art lover and paints in his spare time.  He, along with his Shoestring counterparts, are incredibly excited to continuously create new pieces for our viewers.


Amanda Frederick

Amanda is a South Jersey native. She was a film minor when studying

Theatre at The University of Pittsburgh, and interned at the

international division of Focus Features in London. When she's not

molding the young minds of America as a teacher, Amanda just

wants to make movies. 

Ian Kimble had an idea for a movie. That’s how it started. When Ian shared his script with his friend, Amanda Frederick, she told him she wanted to help him make it, in whatever capacity she could. They gathered a cast and crew made up of close theatre friends and childhood buddies. For the project’s DP, Ian went to Chris Spence. Ian had originally met Spence while working with Spence’s future wife in a local play, and they had hit it off with their mutual background in film. So, on one epically early morning in March of 2013, with essentially zero funds, Ian, Spence, and Amanda began shooting a feature length film. Go big or go home, right? 

Through the process of that first film, Ian, Spence, and Amanda relied on their friends and family. They begged, borrowed, and stole everything they needed. They became an unstoppable team. Each of them possesses a lifelong love of film and various working backgrounds within the industry. Yet, what makes their partnership so strong is that each of their natural skill sets complement the others.


Before the end of production on that first film, Ian, Spence, and Amanda realized that what they had was special and knew they wanted to continue to make movies together. And so, Shoestring Gold was born. The name encapsulates the company’s philosophy: it is possible to make great film - unique film - with limited means.


Since the company’s inception, Shoestring Gold has quickly built a strong reputation in the Philadelphia film community. With short film premieres at The Trocadero and PhilaMOCA, they’ve set out to make their mark. Even as they continue to grow, Shoestring Gold’s ultimate goal is to create unique and original film productions through the combined effort of local talent and theater houses.

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